The Rebel archetype for coaches and creatives

Rebel archetype

Rebel archetypes are unapologetically who they are. These brands are some of the most recognizable because they stand up for what they believe in, and usually want to change the rules. Basically, they exude confidence, and tend to stand out because they “do things their own way” and have a unique style.


Candid, raw and honest.


To get rid of what’s not working, challenge the status quo.

Emotions Evoked:

Rebellious, stimulated, thrilled, impulsive. Regular people can be attracted to the Rebel archetype as a way of letting off steam.

We all feel a little rush of adrenaline. The Rebel archetype makes us feel free and connects us with our wild side (think for example of the middle-aged lawyer who leaves the office and gets on his Harley).


Outrageousness, radical freedom.

Be Careful With:

Some Rebels can end up alienated and angry if they lack principles.

Rebel Archetype Likes:

  • To disrupt things.
  • To shock people.
  • To do things their own way (which is different from the established way).

Rebel Archetype Dislikes:

  • To be powerless, trivialized, or inconsequential.

Rebel Brand Archetype Colors:

Colors for Rebel brands tend to be dark and intense, so black, dark greys, and saturated reds are typical choices.

Rebel Archetype Examples

Some typical Rebel brands are Harley Davidson, Urban Decay and Virgin.

Some personal brands who have strong Rebel archetypes are Pink, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.

How to Express Your Rebel Archetype

Be unapologetic about how you show up in the world. Speak up about things you don’t agree with (especially if your opinion or the way you express your opinion is shocking). Take risks.

Examples of Visuals

Worstofall Design is a branding agency that has used the Rebel archetype to huge success. In fact, their business really hit the jackpot when they fully embraced this archetype and changed their slogan to “Badass Brands without the BS” (back when it was still shocking to use that word!).

Jill Wise is a marketing strategist and business coach who has a great Rebel website:

Cole Schafer is a copywriter who has also developed a great Rebel brand. Check out his Instagram feed:

I even found a trademark lawyer who’s built a strong Rebel brand! Clearly this style is not for everyone, but it clearly stands out: “Your brand’s favorite bodyguard aka badass IP lawyer”.

The Rebel archetype is pretty evident in this brand’s visuals, too:

KVD Beauty

Want to know more?

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Also, if you want to explore your archetype more in-depth and learn how to express it in your brand, book a Brand-In with me. For 2 hours, we’ll look at you, your business, and where you want to go. After, I’ll send you a plan with your biggest brand opportunities, and next steps to implement them.


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