The Magician archetype for coaches and creatives

The Magician archetype

Is your brand all about stretching the limits of what’s possible? About transforming people’s realities in amazing ways? If so, your brand may be the Magician archetype.

People with strong Magician archetypes are smart. In fact, they are often described as visionaries and are on the cutting edge of their fields. They “dream impossible dreams”. Typically, they are dedicated to healing the mind, body and soul. They are continuously opening our eyes to what’s possible, inspiring, making us dream bigger (like Tony Robbin’s book Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love).


Inspiring, articulate, and energizing.


To look at the world in a new way and give a new vision for the future.

Emotions Evoked:

To feel fascinated, enchanted, “I want to experience that,” “I’m on the cutting edge“.

The Magician Archetype Strengths:

Imagining a better future and finding win-win situations.

Be Careful With:

Using emotional intelligence to manipulate instead of communicating.

The Magician Archetype Likes:

  • Personal transformation.
  • The chance to change people, organizations, and the world.
  • Being on the cutting-edge of our time.
  • The latest breakthroughs in science, psychology etc.

The Magician Archetype Dislikes:

  • Unanticipated negative consequences.

The Magician Archetype Colors:

The colors for this archetype can vary, but they are frequently darker colors like black, purple, and red. Magician’s spaces can be dark, like the classical magician’s cave where deep thought is possible. So brands and websites of effective Magician brands tend to be somewhat darker and moodier.

In some cases, Magician brands play with how light changes colors, so they can use rainbows and holographic spectrums. It’s all about how we can experience reality in new and transformative ways.

The Magician Archetype Examples

Brands like Tesla, TED, and Mastercard have strong Magician archetypes. They have big and inspiring visions and lead us to make our dreams come true. Products that offer incredible, cutting-edge benefits tend to be Magicians. For example, cosmetic brands with amazing innovations and results.

Transformational coaches can also have a Magician archetype. They have a deep understanding of how consciousness works and therefore can influence people and produce mind-blowing results.

A personal brand that has a strong Magician archetype is Tony Robbins. He frequently uses dark colors like black and purple lights, and his images are “otherworldly” with thousands of screens, lights, stars, and the sky.

Sofia Araya is an Akashic records teacher, and has developed a consistent Magician brand. It’s not the classical “dark” Magician look, but it plays with lighter colors, and how light changes color spectrums. She also frequently uses a hat, as Magicians sometimes do.

Although Chanel is more typically a Lover brand, it sometimes plays with the Magician archetype. Like this ad for Chanel No. 5, which has a strong Magician component:

How to Express Your Magician Archetype

Magician brands offer transformation. So show your ideal clients how you help them change and live a better, more fulfilled life using images and words that show the desired change.

Magician brands frequently use geometric forms and patterns symbolizing the laws of the universe.

Use images that play with perception, that are magical and not always exactly what they seem (for more inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board).

Want to know more?

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