The Lover archetype for coaches and creatives

Lover archetype

The Lover archetype is all about feeling special and achieving deep, intimate connections with others.

Lover brands are frequently seen in cosmetics, jewelry, and fashion. They are usually high-end, luxurious, and sensual.


Affectionate, intimate.


To have intimate relationships (emotionally and physically) and to experience pleasure through all the senses.

Emotions Evoked:

Your audience wants a deeper sense of connection. They want to get to know you in an intimate and authentic way. You know the saying that we’ve heard over and over, “vulnerability sells“? Well, that is 100% more true in the case of the Lover archetype.


Passion, gratitude, appreciation, commitment.

Be Careful With:

Censoring yourself in order to be loved. Make sure you don’t lose yourself while trying to gain people’s affection!

The Lover Archetype Likes:

  • Intimacy and being in close relationships.
  • Being attractive physically.
  • Feeling special and unique.
  • Delicious food, wine, beautiful, elegant surroundings and other pleasures.
  • To try out new experiences.

The Lover Archetype Dislikes:

  • Being alone, a wallflower.
  • Feeling unwanted and unloved.
  • Not being seen.

The Lover Archetype Colors:

Lover brands usually use deep, intense, passionate hues like deep reds and pinks. They can also use premium colors like black and dark greys.

The Lover Archetype Examples

A few famous Lover brands are Godiva chocolate, Haagen Dazs, and Victoria’s Secret.

Another one is Chanel. Coco Chanel was a famous mistress of several influential men, and always craved her independence. Chanel uses the typical images and colors of a Lover brand:

Chanel Lover Archetype

Some famous Lover personal brands are Sofia Vergara, Marilyn Monroe, and Megan Fox.

The Lover archetype is a great choice for relationship coaches. An example is Dr Christie Kederian, a relationship coach and therapist, who’s built a strong Lover brand:

How to Express Your Lover Archetype

The Lover wants to feel like the product or service is made especially for her (this is really different from the Friend-Next-Door archetype for example, whose motivation is to fit in). So make your clients feel unique, different and special.

Use an intimate, personal tone and affectionate, emotion-rich words.

Want to know more?

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