The Leader brand archetype for coaches and creatives

The Leader brand archetype is ā€“ as you might imagine ā€“ in charge.

You like to take control of the situation and make everything OK. You can quickly recognize if a person has a strong Leader archetype because they have a hyper-organized, get-it-all-done kind of vibe.   You care about your image and value high-end brands. You take time and care to look good! And your image is polished and sophisticated.

You’re politically savvy and well connected.

The Leader Brand Archetype Vibe:

Articulate, refined, in charge.

The Leader Brand Archetype Purpose:

Leading by example, showing what kind of life is possible and inspiring those around you and the community.

Emotions Evoked:

You inspire people and show them what life can look like by example. You have a way of making people feel successful and important. Also, the Leader tends to help make life stable and safe (yes, please!).

The Leader Brand Archetype Strengths:

  • Responsibility
  • Leadership

Be Careful With:

Being authoritarian and imposing your will at all costs.

The Leader Brand Archetype Likes:

  • Networking as a way to get power.
  • Order, stability, heritage.
  • High-end possessions and surroundings – they reflect your leadership.
  • Clear information! For example, a clear job description that tells you what to do – you know who reports to you and who your boss is.

The Leader Brand Archetype Dislikes:

  • Chaos.
  • People who are just out of order and threaten to disrupt things.
  • The kind of change you can’t control.

The Leader Brand Archetype Colors and Images:

Colors and images that communicate status and prestige – that is, high-end and luxury brands. You frequently see black and other dark, moody colors. Also some gilt and gold communicate luxury.

The Leader Brand Archetype Examples

Kings, queens, politicians and presidents tend to have a strong Leader archetype. Think of Duchess Kate and Hillary Clinton.

Other Leader brands are Rolls Royce, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, American Express, and Ralph Lauren. They communicate “how life should be”, civilized, gracious, and orderly.

Ralph Lauren has clear Leader visuals, showing a high-status and affluent lifestyle.

“The Luxury Copywriter” featured above has done a good job developing a Leader archetype, featuring impressive and luxury brands, colors and visuals.

How to Express Your Leader Brand Archetype

Leader archetype brands usually produce high-status products for powerful people. Their services and products sometimes help people be more organized (which of course makes them be more productive and successful).

They are usually market leaders and they offer a sense of security and stability in a chaotic world. They often offer a lifetime guarantee.

Looks are usually more polished and conservative, promoting an aura of power. It’s important to keep a sharp and consistent brand look.

Want to know more?

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