The Jester archetype for coaches and creatives

The Jester archetype is a person who likes to have fun. Jesters are the entertainers, the ones who are usually the center of attention, cracking jokes and having a great time.

They help their audience take their mind off problems, laugh and not take everything so seriously. They love spending time with friends.


Enthusiastic, self-deprecating, expressive.


To enjoy life fully, live in the moment, and lighten up the world.

Emotions Evoked:

To feel impulsive and spontaneous and to live life in the present. Today almost everyone wants to unwind, laugh and have fun.

Jester Archetype Strengths:


Be Careful With:

Joking through life without thinking deeply about issues.

Jester Archetype Likes:

  • To be the life of the party.
  • The club and anywhere you can have fun.
  • To break the rules, which leads to innovative and out-of-the-box solutions.

Jester Archetype Dislikes:

  • Blending in (Jesters prefer to seem a little ridiculous rather than going unnoticed).
  • Party poopers.
  • People who are uptight.
  • Being bored or boring.

Jester Archetype Colors:

Jester colors tend to be bright, colorful, and in your face.

Jester Archetype Examples

Some examples of Jester brands are Kia, Doritos, M&M’s, The Muppets, and GEICO.

Some personal brands are Tina Fey, Ellen DeGeneres, Katie Couric and Jen Fulwiler.

How to Express Your Jester Archetype

Point out the silly parts of life, tell jokes. Jester marketing tends to be fun and over the top.

Examples of Jester Archetype Visuals

Hillary Weiss is a creative director who has a great Jester personal brand. She uses strong, statement colors and is very outgoing and entertaining.

“Coach Glitter” is a live video expert, and she’s also built a strong Jester brand, around confetti, fuchsia, gold, and well, yes, glitter. Her brand is entertaining, uplifting and lighthearted.

Want to know more?

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