The Innocent brand archetype for coaches and creatives

Are you all about living a happy, hassle-free life? With (hopefully) zero drama, and lots of those feel-good, simple pleasures? If so, your brand may be the Innocent Archetype.

The Innocent Brand Archetype is all about living a simple and good life. It brings all the good vibes to the table. Clients want to feel joyful and encouraged, “I can do this!”.

As an Innocent brand, you can tap into their longing for a kinder, simpler world. An antidote to crazy, unpredictable times. It’s just soooo appealing in an age of pandemics, war, and uncertainty.

Your audience loves your carefree, calm and sunny vibe.

Innocent Archetype Vibe:

Simple, upbeat, peaceful, carefree, happy.

Innocent Archetype Purpose:

To be happy and create happiness.

Emotions Evoked:

Happiness. Ease. That life can be simple, uncomplicated, and good. Life can be Eden.

Innocent Archetype Strengths:

Faith and optimism. Trust in life and faith in a spiritual power greater than ourselves that holds us and keeps us safe, even after death.

Be Careful With:

Innocent brands like to stick with what is familiar to them and this can keep them stagnant.

Innocent Archetype Likes:

  • Mindfulness
  • Slow Life
  • “Life as it should be” with the ideal home, kids, work
  • To be cared for
  • To go back to nature and natural living
  • Peace, ease, naturalness, and to have some things endure (especially in these complex times)
  • Predictability and certainty

Innocent Archetype Dislikes:

  • Cynicism
  • Theatrical Reactions
  • Attention Seekers
  • Negativity
  • Doing something wrong or bad that will provoke punishment
  • A high-pressure, achievement-driven culture.

Innocent Brand Archetype Colors:

Colors should feel soft, bright, happy, and/or calm and serene.

Innocent Brand Archetype Examples

Some examples of Innocent brand archetypes are Coca-Cola, The Honest Company, Sesame Street, Whole Foods, Dove, Seventh Generation, Disney, Hippeas Snacks, Jenni Kayne.

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan, Gwyneth Paltrow.

How to Express Your Innocent Brand Archetype

A great Innocent brand archetype strategy is to apply to the nostalgia of simpler times.

Also, many organic/natural brands have an Innocent archetype. They feature fresh ingredients, natural backgrounds (wood, sand), and nature scenes. Also, most people in these brands have a natural look.
Innocent brands are frequently playful/youthful. They use colorful nail polish, handwritten notes, popsicles and games.

Use images of a simple, happy life.

Examples of Innocent Brand Archetype Visuals

Taylor Swift has an Innocent Brand Archetype.
Gwyneth Paltrow has an Innocent Brand Archetype.
The Honest Company uses soft colors and happy, upbeat visuals.
Jenni Kayne uses soft, muted colors and a minimalist aesthetic.

Want to know more?

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Also, if you want to explore your brand archetype more in-depth and learn how to express it in your brand, book a Brand-In with me. For 3 hours, we’ll look at you, your business, and where you want to go. After, I’ll send you a plan with your biggest brand and business opportunity, and next steps to implement it.


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