The Hero brand archetype for coaches and creatives

Hero brand archetype

The Hero brand archetype (or Heroine) is exactly what its name implies: someone who helps those who are more vulnerable, solves a problem, or wants to reach new heights.

You inspire everyone to overcome obstacles and reach their highest potential.

Heroes have been the strongest characters in countless stories since the beginning of time. They want to leave a mark on the world and improve it.

The Hero Brand Archetype Vibe:

Strong, confident, winning.

The Hero Brand Archetype Purpose:

To reach your fullest potential and make the world a better place.

Emotions Evoked:

Motivation to overcome problems and reach goals. Energy and drive.

The Hero Brand Archetype Strengths:

  • Competence
  • Courage.
  • Discipline.
  • Focus.
  • The ability to make tough choices.

Be Careful With:

Sometimes, Heroines risk sounding arrogant if they talk nonstop about their achievements.

The Hero Brand Archetype Likes:

  • Strong convictions.
  • Bravery.

The Hero Brand Archetype Dislikes:

  • Being a wimp, not having what it takes.

The Hero Brand Archetype Colors and Images:

Use strong colors and bold lines and shapes. The Heroine uses clothes that are more functional than stylish (for example, workout clothes).

Words and images are energetic, motivational and purposeful. Anything that moves fast (cars, planes, horses or people) are good images for this archetype.

The Hero Brand Archetype Examples

Nike is an iconic Hero brand. In fact, Nike is the name of the winged Greek goddess of victory.

It uses strong colors and images that are 100% on archetype. It motivates its people to reach new heights, to train more and be stronger.

Its 2018 ad featuring Colin Kaepernick is a notable example of Hero branding. Kaepernick expresses the need to defend what you believe in (in his case, the fight against social injustice and racism).

Other Hero brands are ones that empower women. An example is Always’ Like a Girl campaign from 2014. The ad redefines what it means to do things to be “like a girl”:

Another example of a Heroine brand is Eva Redpath, an award-winning wellness leader, host & keynote speaker. Her brand uses bold colors and strong imagery, inspiring other women to transform their minds, bodies and lives.

How to Express Your Hero Brand Archetype

Keep yourself constantly challenged, and show how you train, play sports, and reach different goals.

Communicate the strength and ethics of your convictions. People who attracted to the Hero archetype are hungry for convictions and attracted to people and brands that have them.

Want to know more?

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