The Creator brand archetype for coaches and creatives

The Creator Archetype

The Creator archetype is all about expressing yourself and using your creativity.

People with strong Creator archetypes like to discover who they are by looking at what they create around them – whether that’s through painting, decorating their home, photography or any other art form.

They especially value authenticity and they want their creations to emerge from deep within.

The Creator Archetype Vibe:

Artistic, creative, unique.

The Creator Archetype Purpose:

The Creator archetype wants to express herself through creativity, and make her vision a reality.

Emotions Evoked:

Feeling amazed and inspired… Wanting to release all that creative energy.

The Creator Archetype Promise:

Creator brands provide amazement and inspiration. People who connect with a Creator want to be able to express themselves, and by doing so get a feeling of control and structure in an increasingly out-of-whack world. When someone is creating art or expressing themselves, they get immersed in the process and feel temporary abstraction from the chaos around. The process of creating art is also very healing.

The Creator Archetype Strengths:

Creativity and imagination.

Be Careful With:

Perfectionism and being disorganized.

The Creator Archetype Likes:

  • Self-expression.
  • The sense of control that comes with creating something.
  • Authentic creation.
  • Innovation.
  • Beauty.

The Creator Archetype Dislikes:

  • Low quality, mass-produced anything.
  • Lack of imagination.

The Creator Archetype Colors:

Usually, Creator brands are colorful and full of energy, inspiring their audience and motivating them to create and express themselves.

The Creator Archetype Examples

Brands that have a strong message based on self-expression are Creator brands. For example, MAC Cosmetics is all about color options and works with the world’s leading photographers and makeup artists.

Adobe is a strong Creator brand, as you can see in their colorful, playful and artistic feed. The brand gives creatives the software tools they need to express their creativity fully.

The Creator archetype is also super visible in the Adobe ad, that calls you to “Create what’s true to you”:

A former client of mine, Mery from Espacio Amrra, also has a strong Creator archetype. A big part of what she does is teaching self-expression through art. Her brand and website are full of color and creativity:

How to Express Your Creator Brand Archetype

Encourage self-expression, providing your clients with lots of choices and options.

Use beautiful visuals, that inspire your ideal clients. Also, focus on authenticity, showing what is unique and special to your brand, because this is a key aspect of the archetype.

Want to know more?

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    Great job ! I really liked the result!! It makes sense to me with my personality!!


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