What's Your Brand Personality?

You've heard again and again that the coaching and creative industries are overflowing with a bazillion service providers (eye roll).

The real question here is what are you doing about it?
How do you set yourself apart in a noisy, crowded world?

The most effective way to connect with people who are overinformed and overwhelmed is with a clear and clean brand. One that your ideal clients connect with immediately on an emotional and subconscious level. That they don't have to spend too many mental calories trying to figure out.

Having a clear brand personality is the first step to do that.

That's where this quiz comes in handy. In just 5 minutes, it gives you your brand personality result, that will help guide you in developing a clean, clear & elevated brand.

You'll also get actionable branding tips based on your result.

Click below to get started!

Why is Your Brand Personality Important?

You know how sometimes you land on an Instagram profile or a website and you immediately know it's not for you and click away? Maybe the brand is bold and super rebellious. Maybe it's all about a jet-setting lifestyle, complete with luxury brands and super-polished everything. Maybe it's too analytical, informative and boring.

Whatever it is, you just know it's not your vibe. That's the power of a clear brand personality.

And the opposite is true, too. When you land on a profile or website that feels right, you stay. You want to learn more, you're instinctively attracted to it although you're not 100% sure why.

The problem is when a brand is just.... grey. It's a mix of all the colors, a little bit of everything, so it's really hard to get what the brand is about. It doesn't connect with the right people, or turn away the wrong people. It just blends into all the noise out there.

That's where this brand personality quiz comes in handy. By pinpointing what makes you shine, it's easier to build your brand around that and connect with your dream clients faster.

Below you'll find the twelve brand personalities or archetypes. Click on each one if you want to learn more about that personality type.

These twelve brand personalities are based on Carl Jung's archetypes. He identified these timeless personality types, that have been showed up since the beginning of time and throughout all cultures.

You'll likely feel identified by more than one archetype. And that's totally normal (and healthy!). The thing is, choosing one main archetype to give your brand a general direction will help bring clarity.

So... what do you think? Does the brand personality you got in the quiz resonate? Please email me at and let me know your thoughts!


Wise, knowledgable, loves to guide others and teach to improve lives


The visionary, catalyst, inventor, charismatic leader, healer, intuitive, transformer


Simple, upbeat, peaceful, carefree, happy, lighthearted, optimistic, pure


Intimate, affectionate, passionate, sensual, makes you feel special and unique


Motivational, self-confident, self-disciplined, direct, confident, determined


Artistic, creative, imaginative, likes to bring her vision to life and express herself


Candid, raw, honest, bold, "rules are meant to be broken"


Energetic, funny, vibrant, enthusiastic, expressive, self-deprecating


Approachable, friendly, easygoing, honest, practical, upbeat


Warm, gentle, welcoming, considerate, thoughtful, kind


Refined, articulate, in charge, authoritative, born to rule, likes luxury


Curious, daring, adventurous, inquisitive, open-minded, resourceful, tolerant