Brand archetypes show the way to a clearer brand


Brand archetypes are a little somethin’ that major brands have had up their sleeves for decades (and that coaches and creatives should have, too). Coca-Cola? Yes. Dove? Uh-huh. Disney, Wholefoods, Louis Vuitton? Yes, yes, and yes.

Lover archetype


The Lover archetype for coaches and creatives

The Lover archetype is all about feeling special and achieving deep, intimate connections with others. Lover brands are frequently seen in cosmetics, jewelry, and fashion. They are usually high-end, luxurious, and sensual. Vibe: Affectionate, intimate. Purpose: To have intimate relationships (emotionally and physically) and to experience pleasure through all the senses. Emotions Evoked: Your audience […]

The Magician archetype


The Magician archetype for coaches and creatives

Is your brand all about stretching the limits of what’s possible? About transforming people’s realities in amazing ways? If so, your brand may be the Magician archetype.

Rebel archetype


The Rebel archetype for coaches and creatives

Rebel archetypes are unapologetically who they are. These brands are some of the most recognizable because they stand up for what they believe in, and usually want to change the rules.


The Jester archetype for coaches and creatives

The Jester archetype is a person who likes to have fun. The Jesters are the entertainers, the ones who are usually the center of attention, cracking jokes and having a great time.

Friend brand archetype


The Friend-Next-Door brand archetype for coaches and creatives

The Friend-Next-Door brand archetype is your regular gal. Friendly, approachable, and down-to-earth, the Friend-Next-Door is all about belonging and being part of the group.

Caregiver archetype


The Caregiver archetype for coaches and creatives

We all know the Caregiver archetype pretty well. A person who has a strong Caregiver archetype is frequently a devoted mom – those who adore their mother role and live for it. Also, this archetype includes anyone who just loves taking care of those who are more vulnerable.

The Creator Archetype


The Creator brand archetype for coaches and creatives

The Creator archetype is all about expressing yourself and using your creativity. People with strong Creator archetypes like to discover who they are by looking at what they create around them – whether that’s through painting, decorating their home, photography, or any other art form.


The Leader brand archetype for coaches and creatives

The Leader brand archetype is – as you might imagine – in charge. They want to take control of the situation and make everything OK and orderly.

Hero brand archetype


The Hero brand archetype for coaches and creatives

The hero (or heroine) brand archetype is exactly what its name implies: someone who helps those who are more vulnerable, solves a problem, or wants to reach new heights.

The Explorer Archetype


The Explorer brand archetype for coaches and creatives

People with strong Explorer archetypes are on a journey of self-discovery. They feel the urge to explore new places and get into nature, in an attempt to find their authentic selves.

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