Hi, I'm Amalia. Brand strategist and designer, bookworm and mom of 3.

 I've been working (and obsessing) over branding and marketing for +15 years.

For my first corporate years, working with some biggies like luxury brands at L’Oreal. But, my workaholic self had me up till the wee hours, and I wasn’t exactly being the most patient mom with my 3 young kiddos. And they’re my #1 priority.

So, I decided to do branding independently. 

And there’s something so satisfying about helping women like you get the confidence and results that come with a great brand.

I'm a big-time nerd who's studied everything branding and business so you don't have to (I have a Master in Marketing and an MBA from London Business School).

I also got certified as a Storybrand guide in 2018 and have taken many courses including Marie Forleo´s Copy Cure.

I've worked with

I'm from Chile but have lived all over the place: San Francisco, Santiago, London, Madrid, Buenos Aires (long story). And after being hyper-urban, I've now shifted gears and am living in Bentonville, Arkansas (even longer story). Aaand.... I love it here. The wide open skies, gorgeous nature, kind people and slow-paced lifestyle have my heart. 

I have 3 young kids that keep me on my toes and up-to-date with all the latest Disney hits (hello, Encanto!).

I'm bilingual in English and Spanish, and work in both languages.

I believe in the comfort, calm and results that come with knowing how to build your brand.  And using that to show up confidently in the world.

Loving the slow life

Interior Design

The color white
- I can name at least 20 shades

Sea-salt dark chocolate

Slow mornings
- with a frothy latte in hand



is the ultimate


- Leonardo da Vinci