Hi, I'm Amalia. Brand strategist and designer, bookworm and mom of 3.

I've been obsessing over branding for +15 years. First, working with luxury brands at L'Oreal, then at a marketing agency with biggies like Coca-Cola and Unilever.

Although developing brands for big name clients was great, when it came to my own brand it was a different story. I struggled with too many ideas and inspiration from all over the place, and ended up with a  confusing hodgepodge. 

Until I discovered brand archetypes, and saw the power they have to help coaches and creatives create clear, timeless brands that connect with the clients they want.

I'm a big-time nerd. Cookies + book? Dream combo.

My nerdiness shines bright with my love of studying - from my Master of Science in Marketing to my MBA at London Business School. 

I also love designing and am constantly inspired by beautiful, timeless brands.

I'm from Chile but have lived all over the place: San Francisco, Santiago, London, Madrid, Buenos Aires (long story). And after being hyper-urban, I've now shifted gears and am living in Bentonville, Arkansas (even longer story). Aaand.... I love it here. The wide open skies, gorgeous nature, kind people and slow-paced lifestyle.

I have 3 young kids that keep me on my toes and up-to-date with all the latest Disney hits (hello, Encanto!).

I'm bilingual in English and Spanish, and work in both languages.

I believe in the comfort and calm that comes with knowing (and loving) who you are.  And using that to show up confidently in the world.

Loving the slow life

Slow mornings

Warm baths

Fuzzy socks

And really dark chocolate cookies (with chunks please)